Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

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Building Management and Control Systems Service

Building managers everywhere are being asked to do more with less, “save us energy but make sure everyone is comfortable”, “make our Building “Green”. Keeping your Building Management and Control System (BMCS) functioning as designed is one of the best ways of optimizing your building’s performance while maintaining occupant comfort. Keeping your BMCS finely tuned and calibrated requires expertise that only comes with specialized training, daily programming exposure and HVAC systems operation experience.

Service Agreements

Why consider a Service Agreement?

  • Remote On-line support: Many times minor problems can be analyzed remotely, eliminating costly on-site visits.
  • Reduce Operation Costs: Regular verification and/or calibration of transducers and sensors ensures that your system is operating as intended.
  • Discounted Labor Rates: Service Contract customers receive a 20% discount for all on-call technical service labor.
  • Disaster Recovery: Regular backups of your system’s database ensures swift recovery from lightning damage, component failure or power fluctuations.
  • Alarm and Fault Analysis: Alarm logs are reviewed for anomalies and fault trends.
  • Software firmware upgrade
  • Emergency after hours service

Operator Training

Customer training options are also available to increase your in-house expertise without the need to maintain a dedicated controls staff. Training from an ABS controls specialist can assist your operating personnel in understanding your HVAC systems operations and how to recognize system anomalies.

In summary, service agreements are an excellent way to maximize the value of your building and the systems installed in it. Our service agreements are designed to periodically monitor the performance of your systems to ensure that they will meet the dynamic and changing needs of your business and the facilities that support them. By investing in a service agreement, you can take full advantage of the features and functionality in your system and receive the full value it was designed to deliver.